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Liu Zhenya: Building Global Energy Green Energy to promote the development of the Internet
Release time: 2016-6-24 10:58:17

3 Yue 10 Ri (Xing Qisi) 15, the second session of the Fourth Session of the CPPCC National Committee held its second plenary meeting in the Great Hall, several issues related to the CPPCC members will speak at the General Assembly.

[CPPCC member and chairman of the State Grid Corporation of party secretary Liu Zhenya] September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping at the UN development summit declared that "China to build global energy initiative to explore the Internet, in order to promote clean and green way to meet the global demand for electricity "for the promotion of global energy revolution, climate change challenges and achieve coordinated economic and social development environment has important and far-reaching significance.

Internet is a global energy UHV power grid as the backbone, the global interconnection strong smart grid, clean energy worldwide large-scale development, configuration and use of the basic platform, in essence, "UHV grid + + Clean Energy Smart Grid" . China's energy Internet is an important part of the global energy Internet.

Currently, the world consumption of fossil fuel-based energy, resource constraints, environmental pollution, climate change, the three major issues outstanding. Paris climate conference agreed to put forward a global temperature rise within 2 ℃, and is controlled within 1.5 ℃ efforts. To achieve this goal, the fundamental way out is to accelerate clean development and implementation of the "two alternatives", namely: development and implementation of clean alternative energy, clean energy alternative to fossil energy generation; energy consumption to implement alternative energy, electricity instead of coal to electricity-generation oil, electricity from afar, to clean electricity. Building Global Energy Internet, enabling large-scale development and utilization of clean energy, with huge economic, social and environmental benefits.

First, promote clean development. 2050 is expected to total global energy consumption of 300 million tonnes of coal. Clean energy is a gift of nature, inexhaustible, still used today to tomorrow. Building Global Energy Internet, the global clean energy just to maintain an average annual growth rate of 12.4%, by 2050 the proportion of clean energy can be increased to about 80%, to become the leading energy, fossil energy will be mainly used as industrial raw material.

The second is to address climate change. Building Global Energy Internet, you can control global carbon dioxide emissions in 2050 at about 11.5 billion tons, only half of the early 90s of last century, the level of emissions, global temperature rise within 2 ℃.

The third is to promote economic growth. Construction of the Internet global energy investment of over $ 50 trillion. If the start of construction of the energy Internet, 2016--2025 grid in year investment of up to 10 trillion yuan, driven by investment in clean energy 10 trillion yuan, an average annual GDP growth of 1.5 percentage points or more, and promote the strategic development of new industries, to promote supply-side structure adjustment, effectively solve the "economic downturn, haze upstream" contradictions. Low-cost clean electricity west, north to the East Midlands, kWh 5 or more points spread space to meet the energy needs of construction funds the Internet, will not push up electricity prices.

Fourth, to promote world peace. Conducive to narrowing regional disparities, reduce international disputes and promoting community-building human destiny, let the world become a sky blue to green, bright bright, peaceful and harmonious "global village."

Construction of the Internet global energy conditions have been met. A warm response at home and abroad, widely supported. Our UHV transmission technology advanced and mature. Wind power, solar power economy continues to improve, it is expected to more than 2025 competitive fossil energy.

Recommendations will accelerate the construction of energy Internet to promote the Internet to build global energy, into the "Thirteen Five" "Fourteen five" national strategic priorities, and vigorously promote and accelerate development.

First, accelerate the construction of power grids at all levels. Focus on accelerating UHV backbone grid and distribution network construction. Strive to the national grid in 2020 formed the eastern, western two synchronous network by 2025 to form a synchronous network, the basic completion of the energy Internet.

Second, large-scale development of clean energy. Promoting the southwest hydropower, wind power North West, intensive development and large-scale solar power delivery. Strive to 2025, China's hydropower, wind power, solar power installed capacity of over 400 million, respectively, 560 million, 600 million kilowatts.

Third, strict control of the eastern and central coal. Currently, coal East Midlands construction scale is too large, and air pollution control, energy restructuring opposite. "Thirteen Five" period should be determined to control the scale of eastern and central coal, coal units have been built and there are plans to reduce the power shut down.

Fourth, to promote global energy to build the Internet. In "along the way" to the national grid interconnection surrounding breakthrough, focusing on accelerating

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