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SPG / SEG International Geophysical Conference held in Beijing
Release time: 2016-6-24 10:57:20

China Petrochemical News Network petroleum exploration by the Chinese Petroleum Society of Professional Committee (SPG) and the International Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) jointly organized the "SPG / SEG Beijing 2016 International Geophysical Conference" on April 20-22 in Beijing held.

The theme of the conference is "goal-oriented geological geophysical integration solutions." Meeting includes eight topics: Integrated geophysical reservoir characterization study and application of complex surface and piedmont belt, geophysical applications in unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, and geophysical data for geological targets and designing new collection methods to improve low-frequency seismic exploration and reservoir characterization broadband resolution, full-wave inversion in seismic imaging and interpretation applications, challenges and opportunities deepwater exploration, geophysical exploration of new cost-effective methods.

The conference is the largest annual international conference on domestic Geophysics, for the majority of geophysicists that provides a learning exchange and showcase advanced geophysical techniques, instruments and equipment, international platform for innovative scientific research.

(Wang Zhongde)

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