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General Affairs Department of the National Energy Board Notice of 2015 Annual Energy Award soft science research achievement award
Release time: 2016-6-24 10:57:29

The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Development and Reform Commission (Energy Agency), the National Energy Board divisions, sending bodies and institutions directly under the relevant trade associations, energy companies, universities and research institutions:

According to the "National Energy Board soft science research achievement award incentives", organized the National Energy Board 2015 Annual Energy Soft Science Research Award for outstanding achievements. Notice of the matter as follows.

First, the scope of the declaration

Shall declare the results of energy soft science research project within the year 2015 and concluding application. The main contents include:

(A) Energy Science basic theory, applied theory and methods;

(B) energy strategy, planning, industrial policy, as well as energy legislation, institutional reform;

(Iii) the energy industry, energy, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources;

(Iv) energy cooperation, opening-up and use of international and other overseas resource development;

(E) energy forecasting and early warning systems, information systems construction;

Other major issues (vi) the energy sector.

Second, the reporting procedures

Energy Soft Science Research Award for outstanding achievements implemented reporting system recommended by the unit, each unit limit in principle a declaration of the results of the individual research ability of the unit can be relaxed to two, but it should be different areas or professional outcome. (Commissioned by the National Energy Board issues, not least the unit index)

Reporting units include:

(A) national energy bureau divisions, each agency, and institutions directly under;

(B) the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in charge of the energy sector;

(Iii) State-managed enterprises and other large energy companies;

(Iv) Energy Industry Association and the Society of Civil Affairs for registration, research institutions, institutions of higher learning.

Third, the declaration form Achievements

(A) important research (Consulting) reports;

(B) Research Reports;

(Iii) Other.

Fourth, the reporting time

Reporting time for the April 10, 2016 --7 10th.

Fifth, the application materials

(A) 2015 Annual Energy Soft Science Research Award for outstanding achievements declaration and electronic parts 10 (notification form see annex);

(II) body, attachment material 10 and electronic parts;

(C) Summary of Results (3000 words) and 10 parts of the electronic version;

(Iv) the outcome of the application and proof.

Text version of the contents of the material bound more than four sets of 10 full written application materials (in which a data declaration shall be stamped with red chapter, the remaining nine sets of copies can be).

Sixth, selection and award

National Energy Board of experts drawn generated by random organize expert review group was established, according to the expert review group "National Energy Board soft science research achievement award incentives," the declaration of the results of review, score, draw one, two, three Prize winners recommendation list. National Energy Board to recommend a list of winners for validation and publicity after winning grant documents, medals and certificates to the winning units and individuals.

VII. Some explanations

(A) Where the existence of intellectual property disputes, the outcome of the completion of the unit or person to complete the controversial, has received provincial and ministerial level and above reward shall not declare, it is recommended.

(Ii) declare the outcome if dense, recommended units must confidentiality requirements of the results for the decryption process before making the declaration.

(Iii) To request the reporting unit carefully examine the results of an abbreviated, awards work after the end of the preparation of "awarding achievements Digest", a reference for interested parties. Summary of the outcome of the level of accuracy and responsibility of the reporting units.

(D) According to the "National Energy Board Soft Science Research Award for outstanding achievements Reward Rules", a result of only one reporting unit, reporting the results of completed units not more than 5, no more than 10 individual winners. In addition, the declaration of the results of the first complete unit shall be the reporting unit, and is the first person to complete the unit.

(E) review the results of the award-winning publication period, only accept objections, the results will not be accepted reporting units to complete units and complete list of adjustments aspirations.

(Vi) National Energy Bureau commissioned the China Energy Research Society bear the results of 2015 Annual Energy Soft Science Research Prize for outstanding achievements in the collection, organization, etc. meeting specific tasks.

VIII Information

Please submit application materials to the China Energy Research Society, contact details are as follows:

China Energy Research Society

Contact: Zhang Caixia, Wang Haitao

Tel: 010-88825998-8026,010-88825998-8003


Address: Haidian District, Beijing Sanlihe Road 39 Mai row Building, 2nd Floor (Zip code: 100039)

Attachment: 2015 Annual Energy Soft Science Research Award for outstanding achievements declaration

General Affairs Department of the National Energy Board

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