Hailu Advantages

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Hailu Advantages

For a long time of technical innovation, product research and talents' accumulation, Hailu has formed special production experience and brand reputation, and they are also the superiorities to leading in trade competition.

 FIRST, the talent advantage


Hailu Heavy Industry in establishing a good working relationship with Foster Wheeler, Alstom, Nippon, Austrian iron and steel, China Enfield, Metallurgical coke-resistant, and other enterprises the same time, they know how to introduce and absorb advanced technology on the basis of technological innovation, form their own product advantages.

Hailu Heavy Industry and the Shanghai University of Technology, INET, Tsinghua University, China Enfield Engineering Design Institute, coke-resistant homes and other research institutes to carry out extensive cooperation and attaches great importance to international technical cooperation, the introduction Finland Rantotek, United States Deltak boiler technology, absorption and re-innovation and constantly enhance the overall technical strength.

        3、Independent research and development
Hailu Heavy Industry always adhere to independent research and development and innovation, the introduction of technical personnel, know how to study, summarize experience in the industry, while continuing to promote new technologies, new product research development.

Second, the talent advantage

Talent advantage not only in the formation of industry experience, but also from land and sea since a long time concern and respect for talent. Hailu Heavy Industry has been formed with an experienced management team, creating a number of high-quality R & D personnel, training a large number of proficient in a variety of craft outstanding technical workers.


Third, the product advantages

Through years of development, land and sea in the product has been formed many kinds of products, industry wide coverage, high market share advantage, the company's products is the boiler has reached the international advanced level, won the praise of many customers, product range and market share industry are ranked first (industrial boiler industry first, second HRSG industry).


Fourth, the brand

A wealth of experience, products and integrity of the business advantages for land and sea to win a broad customer base and good reputation in the industry and establish a superior brand image, the proportion of exports of our products continues to grow, it has been exported to the United States, Europe, Japan , Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions.