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Since 1998, when HLHI entered the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry by manufacturing the 10MW high-temperature gas-cooled reactor core barrel shell of Tsinghua University, HLHI has formed a strategic cooperative relationship with Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group, filling the gap of domestic manufacturing of Reactor Vessel Internals barrel shell.

Major Nuclear Power Products
Reactor Vessel Internals Barrel Shells
Primary Heat Exchangers
Primary Circuit Tanks 

As being the skeleton of reactor core, RVI is one of the key equipment of nuclear island. It has six core functions: housing fuel assembly and auxiliary assembly, providing positioning and preload, bearing the load from core components; providing reliable and accurate guidance for the control rod assembly; providing coolant channel for core and its appropriate flow distribution; shielding neutron and γ rays to reduce irradiation aging of pressure vessel; providing fixed support and guidance for core neutron flux measuring and temperature measuring, providing fixed position for pressure vessel irradiation surveillance specimen; providing the secondary support for crore fallen. HLHI is the first enterprise in China to manufacture the RVI barrel shells.The primary heat exchangers mainly include the regenerative heat exchanger, the lower heat exchanger, the excess lower heat exchanger, the waste heat exchanger, the boron return liquid evaporator, the de-hydro tower and exhaust condenser.The primary circuit box equipment includes boric acid preparation boxes, accumulators, pressure relief boxes, etc.

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