Cryogenic Products

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Cryogenic Products

Hailu has a long history for supplying cryogenic products. Hailu has excellent experience in product R&D as well as goods supply for gas supplying equipment in inland river ship fuel modification in terms of marine cryogenic products, and HLHI uplifts its trade image greatly with improving product quality.

HLHI has rich experience in operation of marine LNG cryogenic gas supply devices, supplying many high quality LNG tanks for pilot projects for inland river ship fuel modification both at home and abroad. Cryogenic devices are mainly used for storage of industrial gas, LNG, skid mounted gas station, stationary gas station and natural gas gasification. The products are well-received by the customers.

HLHI has a complete and strict quality assurance and quality control system over manufacturing the cryogenic products. The finished products have excellent vacuum and vacuum insulation performance, which makes the daily evaporation rate lower than that stated in standards. Quality, reliable and cost-effective cryogenic products and solution can be provided as per requests by the clients.

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